Our History Our Identity: Hidden places, historical artefacts and untold stories

4 February to 27 April 2019. Free admission.

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Many locations within Guildford Borough have a rich history that underpins the uniqueness of those places. The exhibition, Our History Our Identity: Hidden places, historical artefacts and untold stories of the Borough of Guildford celebrates some of these special places within our borough.

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The exhibition is an outcome of a Guildford Museum outreach project exploring the identity of parishes within Guildford Borough. It includes the personal recollections of local residents, brought to life through objects from the area, which are in the collections of local museums and societies.

In 2017, Guildford Museum led a  successful community-based project entitled 'Your Stories, Your Museum', which engaged local people, organisations and community groups with the life, work and future of Guildford Museum. 

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In 2018, we have been building on this work to reach new audiences; having conversations with local communities that explore the stories from the people and places situated outside the town, and which uncover Guildford borough's wider rural history and identity.

We have been taking objects from Guildford Museum out to local parishes, and participating in events to build links and partnerships with museums, village halls, societies and local groups - as well as individuals across the borough.

Revealing the unique character and features of their parishes, the partners of the project invite you to celebrate their relationships with the places they live, and take a peek into their past and present days.

For more information about the outreach project, email: dajana.topczewski@guildford.gov.uk

Free admission.

Take a look at our short video to find out more about the exhibition.

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