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Home composting

Composting is nature's way of recycling decomposed organic materials into a rich soil known as compost. Garden and organic waste make up a large proportion of all of the rubbish that ends up in landfill. We are therefore promoting a number of ways of recycling this waste through home composting and our garden waste collection service.

Composters and wormeries

Composting your garden waste in your own garden is by far the most environmentally-friendly option to recycle your garden waste. No transportation is required and when successful you will have produced valuable and nutrient-rich food your garden will love.

Home-produced compost helps improve the soil structure, maintain moisture levels and keeps plants healthy.

If you would like to compost but do not have a garden, then a wormery can be used to convert kitchen waste into concentrated liquid plant food and rich compost ideal for window boxes and house plants.

Call 0844 571 4444 to order a compost bin or wormery, alternatively order from the Surrey Waste Partnership website (compost bins and wormeries are not available from the Woking Road Depot).

How do I compost?

There are some excellent online resources that explain how to compost in your own garden. Recycle for Surrey provides useful information about what to compost and how to compost. Further information can also be found at the Get Composting website and at the Royal Horticultural Society website.

Green cones

A green cone enables you to recycle all household food waste in your back garden, from bread to raw meat to vegetables. Just lift the lid and add your unwanted food to the cone, the waste then breaks down and disperses into the ground. For anyone who does not have the time to compost, Green Cone is an excellent alternative. Most Green Cones produce so little residue that they will need clearing only once every few years.

Find out more about Green Cones from the Great Green Systems website.

Green Johanna

The Green Johanna is the garden compost bin with a difference. A hot composter, the Green Johanna recycles all kinds of waste food - even cooked food, bones, meat and fish - into natural organic compost. If you love recycling and would like a greener garden, the Green Johanna is for you.

Find out more about Green Johanna from the Great Green Systems website.