Finding relatives and friends

On this page you will find helpful information if you are looking for relatives and friends you may have lost touch with.

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Electoral registration is performed locally by the local council electoral registration office for each area.

There is no official centralised register of electors that can be searched online.

Current regulations prohibit publishing local registers of electors online.

However, there are now two registers of electors:

  • An open register which is for sale to anyone for any purpose and includes the names of those who have not opted out of their details being included on it.

  • A full register which includes the names of all those registered to vote and is only available for electoral and limited statutory purposes.

You can search the edited register using online commercial organisations. You can only view the full register in hard copy at each local council electoral registration office.

The hard copy register is ordered by polling district, street and house number and not by name.

If you wish to view Guildford's full local register, contact us for an appointment  by calling 01483 444115, or emailing:

If you are searching for someone and think that they may have moved, or if you do not have an exact address, there are various online services that may be able to help.

Historic electoral registers

We can provide a certificate of proof of registration for the past 15 years based on our records. We are required to remove these records from our system after that time.

We do not hold historic electoral registers for public search. These are available from the:

Please note: The services below and the information on them is not provided by Guildford Borough Council and a fee may be payable to use them.

Name searches

Address searches

Information relating to adoptions

Public records

Armed Forces

Other search services