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Syrian refugees frequently asked questions

Find out how you can help Syrian refugees in our borough.

faq icon 19047 When can we expect Syrian refugees to arrive?

We have already welcomed a number of Syrian refugee families to Guildford, and are planning to welcome more.

faq icon 19048 How many Syrian refugees will resettle in Surrey and where will they go?

The Government asked councils to indicate what they think would be a realistic number of refugees to be accommodated in their areas and what would need to be taken into account in determining who should go where. Most councils in Surrey are now participating in the scheme, so families will be resettling throughout the county. The number will vary from area to area and there is no fixed number.

faq icon 19049 Will the refugees be housed in empty council properties or be allowed to jump housing waiting lists?

No, we are sourcing houses in the private rented sector to resettle Syrian refugees.

faq icon 19050 How do I donate cash or other items to refugees?

The Government advises the best way to help refugees is to donate cash to humanitarian organisations or charities who are already working with refugees. Read more >

faq icon 19052 What if I want to offer a room in my house to a refugee?

The Government has not asked people to come forward with offers of a spare bedroom. Instead it advises people who want to offer a spare room, to contact one of the organisations operating projects to support vulnerable asylum-seekers and refugees, such as the British Red Cross. You can call the Red Cross's dedicated phone line on 0800 107 8727 for more information.

faq icon 19053 Who is paying for resettling the Syrian refugees?

The Government has issued funding for the resettlement, and has taken measures so the ongoing costs of relocating Syrian refugees does not fall unfairly on councils and local residents. It is working with the Local Government Association (LGA), which represents councils across England, on the finance arrangements. The Home Office says they do not expect councils to take more refugees than they can cope with.

faq icon 19054 Can I help by fostering a Syrian child refugee?

The Government's relocation programme for Syrian refugees does not include unaccompanied children. They would arrive in family groups so the question of fostering does not arise in such cases. Read more >

faq icon 19055 Where can I volunteer to help refugees?

The Government is advising people who want to find out how to volunteer to help refugees to contact one of the national charities and organisations working with refugees and asylum seekers across the UK. Read more >

faq icon 19056 Where can I find out more?

The Government website provides more information on what individuals and groups can do and contains information on the British Red Cross, which runs a dedicated phone line 0800 107 8727 to advise on what individuals and groups can do to help.