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Recycling my food waste

Find out what you can and can't put in your food recycle bin.

Silver kitchen caddy



The 5 litre kitchen caddy is a handy, compact container that has been designed for you to keep in your kitchen. Please place all food waste into the caddy. When your caddy is full, transfer the contents to your larger outside food-waste collection container.

What can I put in my food waste caddy?                               

  • Meat and fish - raw and cooked including bones                

  • All shells from shellfish, nuts and eggs                                 

  • All dairy products such as eggs and cheese                        

  • Raw and cooked vegetable and fruit

  • Bread, cake and pastries

  • Rice, pasta and beans

  • Leftover, mouldy or expired food

  • Tea bags and tea and coffee grounds

What can't I put in my food waste caddy?

  • Food packaging that belongs in your recycle bin

  • Black bin liners

  • Liquids

  • Oil or liquid fat

What should I line my caddy with?

  • Plastic bags bought on a roll, for example, pedal bin liners

  • Old carrier bags

  • Bags that food has been bought in, for example, salad bags, cereal bags or bread bags

  • Newspaper

Please note: the front or lid of many silver and green caddies will contain the text 'no plastic bags'. This policy has now changed and you can use plastic bags to line your caddy.

Please note: that you cannot use black bin liners as these could be confused with general waste.

When your caddy is full, transfer the contents to your larger outside food-waste collection container. Please do not put the small caddy inside the green caddy.

Outside food-waste collection bin

We collect food waste every week from your 23 litre green food waste container (or communal bin in some properties). This should be presented next to your wheeled bin for collection at your designated collection point by 6.30am on the scheduled collection day.


Do you need a new caddy?

If you need either a new silver caddy or green outdoor container please let us know by emailing the Customer Services Team at customerservices@guildford.gov.uk or by collecting one from our local parish collection points.


Local Parish Collection Points Local Parish Collection Points for a New Silver Caddy or Green Outdoor Container
ParishContactStock Collection Point

Albury Parish

01483 202689 Ring ahead to arrange collection.

Ash Parish

01252 328287Ash Centre, Ash Hill Road, Ash, GU12 5DP.
No appointment required. Open Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm.
Effingham Parish01372 451925

King George V Hall, Browns Lane, Effingham KT24 5ND.
Email: admin@evrt.org.uk
No appointment required. Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:00am to 12:00 midday.

Normandy Parish

01483 613378Stock to be collected from Parish Councillor's residence. 
Ring ahead or email bob.hutton@normandyparishcouncil.gov.uk to arrange collection.
Ripley Parish
01483 224847
Parish Council Office, 4 Rio House, High Street, Ripley, GU23 6AE.
Ring ahead to arrange collection. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
Seale & Sands Parish
01252 782626
Stock to be collected from Parish Clerk's residence.
Ring ahead to arrange collection.
Shalford Parish01483 579702Shalford Parish Council, Shalford Village Hall, Kings Road, Shalford, GU4 8BQ. Ring or email clerk@shalfordpc.org.uk to arrange collection.
Shere Parish
01483 203431
Shere Parish Council, Tanyard Hall, 30 Station Road, Gomshall, GU5 9LF.
Ring ahead to arrange collection. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
Tongham Parish01252 782893Tongham Community Centre, Poyle Road, Tongham, Surrey GU10 1DU.
Wanborough Parish
07967 581854
Stock to be collected from Parish Clerk's residence.
Ring ahead to arrange collection.
Millmead House Reception Guildford Borough Council, Millmead House, Millmead, Guildford, GU2 4BB.
No appointment required. For opening times, see our Contact us page.

Where can I dispose of my broken caddy?

Residents can bring their broken silver and green caddies to our depot. They will be recycled as hard plastics.

As you enter our depot, there is a broken caddy drop-off point, next to the recycling bring banks.

Please use the turnaround before stopping to drop off your caddy. The depot itself is not open to the public for safety reasons.

Please do not place broken caddies in your green recycling bin as they will contaminate your bin.

Please avoid placing broken caddies in your black refuse bin as they are likely to be put into landfill.

Depot address

Guildford Borough Council,
Woking Road Depot,
Woking Road,
Surrey, GU1 1QE   

Opening times: Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm.