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ATC Pirbright awarded Freedom of the Borough by Guildford Borough Council

ATC Pirbright, the Army training centre, has received the Freedom of the Borough of Guildford, as recognition of their history of distinguished service and outstanding contribution to the local community and the nation.

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Cllr Matt Furniss, Deputy Leader of the Council, proposed ATC Pirbright to receive the honour. He says: "ATC Pirbright has made an outstanding contribution to national life over many years by providing first class training for generations of newcomers to the British Army. The officers play a crucial role in the defence of our nation - they are the starting point where raw recruits are transformed into the professional soldiers of the British Army.

"ATC Pirbright - here in Guildford - has been the inspiration and platform for many of these outstanding servicemen and women to launch their military careers. We are very proud that the most important of public roles performed by ATC Pirbright takes place within our borough and we look forward to this local connection and commitment continuing for many years to come."

The Army Training Centre plans to exercise its right with a full ceremonial parade through the centre of Guildford on National Armed Forces Day, Saturday 24 June.

Cllr Gordon Jackson, Mayor of Guildford and ward councillor for Pirbright adds: "As a Pirbright resident I often see first-hand the positive impact that ATC Pirbright has in our local community. I'm delighted that Guildford Borough Council has conferred the Freedom of the Borough and look forward to the military parade through Guildford this summer which I'm sure will be an impressive sight."

Captain Javed Johl, Adjutant, Army Training Centre (Pirbright) says: "The Army has been based in Pirbright for over 100 years, training Soldiers for all major operations over that period. We gratefully accept the huge honour of being granted the Freedom of the Borough of Guildford, which we look forward to exercising on the 24th of June, Armed Forces Day 2017."

Published on Tuesday 7 March.