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Discover the Medieval Machines that changed the world this October at Guildford Museum and Castle

Build a castle wall, practise jousting like a medieval knight or navigate your ship by compass from London to Norway - just three of the activities on offer at an exciting new interactive exhibition at Guildford Museum and Guildford Castle this October. Medieval Machines, which runs from 7 to 29 October, is a chance for young children and families to get hands-on with the inventions that changed the world back in medieval times.

Medieval machines The exhibition showcases 15 inventions of the medieval period, which was one of great creativity and development. Many of the basic technologies which underpinned the renaissance and later the industrial revolution were first developed then, while at the same time innovations from Roman times were rediscovered and refined. With this exhibition you can explore these technologies first hand, and get an insight into the roots of modern technology and the inventiveness of our ancestors.

Cllr Nikki Nelson-Smith, Lead Cllr for Social Welfare, Heritage and the Arts says: "We are excited to be bringing this interactive exhibition to Guildford Museum and Guildford Castle, telling the story of the medieval period in an exciting and accessible way for young children. With half-term fast approaching we hope to see many young families here, enjoying all that Medieval Machines has to offer."

The exhibition is split across two of our heritage buildings; Guildford Museum and Guildford Castle, which are just a five-minute walk apart in the town centre. After visiting Guildford Castle, bring your entry ticket with you to Guildford Museum and receive a free souvenir of your visit.

Compass Cllr Nelson-Smith adds: "We are also looking for volunteers to help bring the exhibits to life for our young visitors and their families, so if you have a day or two to spare this October, please get in touch with our team at Guildford Museum."

To find out more about volunteering at Guildford Museum, please email dajana.topczewski@guildford.gov.uk

The exhibition takes place from 7 to 29 October at Guildford Museum (free entry) and Guildford Castle (entry charge applies). Open 11am to 4pm all week at Guildford Castle and 11am to 5pm Monday to Saturday at Guildford Museum. Guildford Museum is also open 11am to 4pm on Sundays (except 8 October). School groups welcome. To book your school's session, please call 01483 444751 or email mark.bowler@guildford.gov.uk

Medieval Machines is supported by Arts Council England as part of the Your Stories, Your Museum project.

Your Stories, Your Museum aims to get more people involved with the life, work and future of the museum through many different projects, displays and activities.

(Images courtesy of Science Projects Ltd.)

Published on Monday 2 October.