Great step forward for local democracy as Guildford Joint Committee established

Even closer working between Guildford Borough Council and Surrey County Council will take its next step this year after approval was given to set up a new Guildford Joint Committee.

The forum will allow the two councils to better co-ordinate plans for services that affect the local community. The meetings will continue to give local residents a chance to be more involved in local decision-making and will identify and set local priorities.

Cllr Matt Furniss, Deputy Leader of the Council and Lead Cllr for Infrastructure and Governance at Guildford Borough Council says: "We're delighted that a new Guildford Joint Committee has been agreed. It's a great step forward for the joint delivery of local services and will bring people closer to the decisions that matter most to them about highways, education, social care, parking and services for young people. Guildford Borough Council and Surrey County Council already work in partnership on a range of projects to improve our borough, including the recent Tunsgate scheme, the new traffic lights at Millbrook and the sustainable movement corridor."

The Guildford Joint Committee is made up of equal numbers of councillors from Surrey County Council and Guildford Borough Council, who will make decisions together on functions that are delegated from both organisations. Both councils also set and agree the agenda for each meeting.

All members have equal voting rights on the issues that are important for our local communities and have wider implications for both authorities.

Surrey County Council Cabinet Member for Community Services Denise Turner Stewart says: "This underlines the excellent work we're doing with Surrey's district and borough councils and if we are to successfully transform services for residents and businesses these partnerships will play a key role - joint committees are the way forward for better, faster and more locally-accountable decisions on things that matter to our residents."

The first meeting will take place in September - the date is still to be confirmed.

Published on Monday 30 July