Guidance for speaking at Licensing sub-committee meetings

Find out about the rules for speaking at Licensing sub-committee meetings.

Meetings are usually held during the day.

The Licensing sub-committee will consider and determine applications to grant, vary, or review a licence submitted under the Licensing Act 2003 or the Gambling Act 2005 where representations have been made.

It comprises three councillors drawn on a 'panel' basis from the membership of the Licensing Committee. One of the three will act as chairman.

Before the meeting

Only interested parties may address the sub-committee (those who have made a valid representation), the applicant and their representatives. Although the sub-committee may allow other persons to present the interested parties' evidence or to give supporting evidence.

Should you wish to submit any additional material, please contact the Committee/Licensing Officer as soon as possible. The Committee Officer's contact details will be on the front cover of the agenda for the hearing. The sub-committee may accept information at the hearing, however this is only with the agreement of all parties present.

On the day of the meeting

If you are planning to attend the hearing to address the committee, you are advised to contact Committee Services in advance. If you wish to speak at the meeting please ensure that you, or your nominated representative arrive at least ten minutes before the scheduled start of the meeting so that we may note your attendance and go through the procedures with you.

At the meeting

Speakers will be called to speak by the Chairman at the appropriate time. If speakers are not present by the time their application is heard, the committee may consider the item in their absence.