Accelerating innovation in the borough through Project Alloyed and driverless cars

Embracing innovation and future technologies are a key part of the Council's vision to encourage economic growth and invest in environmentally sustainable transport across the borough.

Our work with Project Alloyed - connecting people, goods and services through intelligent transport networks and the cloud - demonstrates this commitment.

Project Alloyed is a consortium of public, private and academic organisations led by Guildford-based design and engineering company Epitomical. Transport for London and the University of Surrey are among the partners.

Matt Furniss - Project Alloyed
Deputy Leader of the Council and Lead Councillor for Governance and Infrastructure, Cllr Matt Furniss (pictured), says: "Supporting schemes such as Project Alloyed ensures Guildford remains in one of the top spots in various UK economic league tables for its innovation, entrepreneurship, access to investment and number of start-up businesses. Innovation and digital make 'smart' towns and cities which means prosperity, now and for future generations."

Lead Councillor for Innovation and Transformation, Cllr Gordon Jackson has been involved in Project Alloyed since its inception, he explains: "The Project recently concluded and we are delighted with the results. It has been excellent to collaborate on this particularly innovative project to research and develop Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) technology. CAV vehicles will not only interact with each other but also seamlessly link and operate together with their environment. Through this government funded venture we now have various 'Infrastructure Sensors' in the town centre which have the capacity to communicate data to and from vehicles, allowing for example driverless cars to effectively 'see' around corners and 'view' pedestrians and cyclists."

He adds: "Each sensor can also talk to other nearby sensors creating a network which provides greater coverage than would otherwise be possible. The sensors and vehicles can also monitor air quality and help reduce energy consumption."

Danish Alam from Epitomical, the Project Alloyed consortium lead, says: "Project Alloyed is one of the winners of the Innovate UK led CAV2 grant funding competition. Guildford Borough Council has been a key project partner and has supported the project team in the deployment of cutting-edge technology in the heart of Guildford. This opens up the opportunity for the local community and businesses to benefit from emerging CAV technologies. It also demonstrates their championing of local innovation whilst supporting the UK Governments' long-term Industrial Strategy."

He continues: "Using an industry-led research and development approach to developing CAV technology we've further spearheaded UK development and innovation in this key area. Project Alloyed has addressed the challenges in order that the UK become a true global leader in advanced vehicle technology. Project Alloyed ties together the three key enabling spokes of Infrastructure, Vehicles and Cloud, allowing the creation of an end-to-end platform for the emerging transportation market."

Published on Monday 5 November.