Next week's Local Plan public hearing will focus on housing

The government's Planning Inspector will hold another public hearing on 12-13 February, at the Council's offices in Guildford, as part of his independent examination of our submitted Local Plan.

Cllr Paul Spooner, Leader of the Council, says: "We are now approaching the final stages in developing our new Local Plan. The government's Planning Inspector found our plan to be substantially sound on all key tests during last summer's public hearings, which form part of his independent examination. He also indicated that, as they have already been thoroughly discussed, he will not revisit issues such as spatial strategy, strategic sites and constraints in next week's public hearing. The Inspector will focus on the overall housing requirement and the possible implications arising from the latest Office of National Statistics (ONS) household projection figures.

"We received thousands of comments to help inform our new Local Plan during the important and wide-ranging consultations at each stage of the process, and passed your feedback to the Inspector. We now think that the potential reduction in homes based on the ONS figures means that it is possible to meet our borough's housing need, without having to allocate any of the new green belt sites proposed in the last main modifications consultation. However, our plan is about more than providing much-needed local homes, it's about providing sustainable places to live and work in our borough, supported by vital infrastructure and a great environment."

You can find out more about the hearing on 12 and 13 February on our website, including the Inspector's Note, Matters and Issues, Agenda and a Programme of Participants as soon as they are published.

New Local Plan

Published on Monday 4 February.