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Final results for all 22 Guildford Borough wards now online

We have been publishing the results for each ward as they were declared throughout the day.

The results for all 22 wards for the Guildford Borough Council election are now on our website.

The final composition of the Council is:

Conservative: 9
Liberal Democrats: 17
Residents for Guildford and Villages: 15
Guildford Greenbelt Group: 4
Labour: 2
Green Party: 1
The overall turnout for the borough was 38.88%.

The postal vote turnout for the borough was 64.07%

The polling station turnout for the borough was 31.06%

The full list of borough ward results are at: Borough election results 2019

The results for Puttenham and Ripley parishes are available already, and Send Parish will be available,  at: Parish election results 2019

The results of the uncontested parishes can already be viewed online at: Parish election results 2019 - uncontested