Protecting our important town centre views

How to manage future change, retain keys views and the special character of Guildford - there's now more guidance to help developers making planning applications in our borough. The Guildford Town Centre Views Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) was adopted by our Executive at a meeting on Tuesday 24 September.

We consulted on the draft SPD this summer (17 June to 15 July) and feedback from the consultation helped shape the final planning document. There are now 15 important views identified relating to Guildford town centre which are:

River Wey corridor:
Dapdune Wharf, looking south
Wey - South Path at Shalford, looking north

Town centre approach:
Stoke Park, looking south-west
Pewley Hill, looking north-west
St Catherine's Hill, looking north
Hog's Back, looking north-east
Farnham Road looking east

Town centre:
Sydenham Road/Bright Hill, looking north
High Street looking west
Quarry Street, looking north
Castle Motte, looking north-west
Old Town Bridge, looking east
Old Town Bridge, looking west
The Mount, looking east
Stag Hill, looking south-east

Developers will have to consider how a number of criteria may impact upon the protected views when they submit a planning application. These include height, maintaining key landscape or built character elements, materials and landscaping.

Cllr Jan Harwood, Lead Cllr for Planning, Planning Policy and Housing Delivery through planning says: "Our town centre has a unique and distinctive character with a mix of heritage, numerous listed buildings and historic gardens. This new planning guidance will help protect these views not just for today but for future generations."

For more information, see our Guildford town centre views supplementary planning document page.

Published on Thursday 26 September.