New population forecast to be considered in Local Plan review

New information on population estimates, and its effect on the number of houses we need to build, will be included in our review of the 2019 Local Plan. 

The Office of National Statistics will publish a report in July with new details on expected population increases in several towns and cities with large student populations, including Guildford. 

We wrote to The Office for Statistics Regulation in February, to ask for a review of the ONS population projections, and this week they told us that "population estimates for some cities, such as Guildford, did seem to be inconsistent with, and potentially higher than local evidence would suggest". 

This information will be included in our review of the 2019 Local Plan and the evidence behind it, which was approved by the Council in April. 

Leader of the Council, Cllr Joss Bigmore says: 

"We welcome the new information which we expect to receive in July. The process of reviewing the Local Plan starts with the evidence base. Population forecast is one of the cornerstones, along with a raft of others including transport and changing patterns of demand and working practices in the wake of the pandemic."

Published Thursday 13 May