Citizens' panel

Our citizens' panel is just one of the ways local people can have an impact on the way our services operate.


Surveyed up to three times a year, the panel is made up of around 1,000 households chosen to represent a cross-section of the borough's population.

The panel gives us direct access to valuable feedback from residents on specific services. This helps us ensure we provide the right services to the right standard and cost. It also helps us tailor our services to meet residents' needs.

The panel is one of the most important ways that we consult with our residents. Previously we have consulted the panel about communication and local decisions, community safety and engagement, satisfaction with the local area, and our Local Council Tax Support Scheme. Please see the documents below for the findings from previous citizens' panel consultations.

icon Local Area and Satisfaction survey 2013 (Panel Refresh) [681.72KB]

icon Local Council Tax Support Scheme 2013 [696.58KB]

icon Local Council Tax Support Scheme 2012 [864.98KB]

icon Citizens' Panel recruitment and mini-survey 2010 [626.3KB]

icon Community safety and engagement panel 2011 [626.39KB]