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Help with your anti-social behaviour complaint

Request a review of your anti-social behaviour complaint by reporting a Community Trigger.

What is the Community Trigger?

If you have been a victim of anti-social behaviour, the Community Trigger gives you the right to ask for a review of your case.

It allows different agencies, such as the police and the council to come together to find a solution.

When can I use the Community Trigger?

  • The Community Trigger can be used if you have complained to us, the police and / or a registered housing provider (social landlord) on three or more occasions about separate incidents in the past six months.
  • You must have reported each incident of anti-social behaviour within one month of it happening.

Your case cannot be looked into if these conditions (called the 'threshold') are not met.

When not to use it

  • If you have reported anti-social behaviour and been given a date when you will get a response and this date has not yet passed. You should contact the agency you are working with to discuss what is happening.
  • If you have reported anti-social behaviour and got a response but are unhappy with the conduct of a particular agency. You should make a complaint using the agency's complaints procedures.

Report a Community Trigger

If you use the Community Trigger, you will need to tell us:

  • information about the anti-social behaviour
  • the dates of each complaint
  • details of who you complained to (name, organisation and/or incident reference number).

Or you can report using one of the following:

By phone: 01483 505050 (please ask for Strategy and Communications team)

By email: communitysafety@guildford.gov.uk

By post: write to the Senior Policy Officer, Strategy and Communications, Guildford Borough Council, Millmead House, Millmead, Guildford, Surrey GU2 4BB

What happens next?

Once you have activated the Community Trigger, our managers will meet with the police, and your housing provider, if necessary, to check if the threshold conditions have been met.

This decision will be made within 10 working days.

If the threshold is met, the case review will be carried out by a group of partner agencies.

The group will review how your case has been dealt with, and may suggest how your problem can be resolved.

This review will take place within 21 days of the decision being made.

What if I'm not happy with the decision?

You have the right to appeal the panel's decisions (both at the threshold stage and the review stage).

To appeal, please contact the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for Surrey.

Help with completing online forms

If you don't have access to a computer, you can visit our council offices or a library, where you can use a self-service PC to complete your application. Staff are on hand to help, if you need it.

If you are not sure if the Community Trigger is right for you, or you need help to apply, please call 01483 505050 and ask for Strategy and Communications.

Community Trigger statistics

By law, we need to report how many Community Triggers we have received.

For the period April 2019 to March 2020 the number of:

  • Community Triggers received: 3
  • Community Triggers that did not meet the threshold: 3
  • Case reviews held: 0
  • Case reviews with recommendations made: 0