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Help with your anti-social behaviour complaint

Request a review of your anti-social behaviour complaint by reporting a Community Trigger.

You will need to provide us with details of three separate anti-social behaviour incidents that you have reported, or the names of five other residents who have reported the same incident.

We will review the incident details and aim to respond to you within three working days.

What is a Community Trigger?

The Community Trigger has been introduced as part of the Anti-social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014.  It gives you the right to request a review of your anti-social behaviour complaint.

If your Community Trigger submission meets the defined threshold, a case review will be undertaken by the local Community Safety Partnership.  An action group of agencies will share information, review what action has been taken and decide whether additional actions are possible. Our trigger threshold is met when:

  • If you have reported three times in the last six months separate, but related, anti-social behaviour incidents to an agency/agencies and the problem persists.
  • Five or more people in your community have reported separate, but related, anti-social behaviour incidents to agencies in the last six months and the problem persists.

Purpose of the Community Trigger

We want to give victims and witnesses of anti-social behaviour a comprehensive action plan for how the behaviour will be addressed.

Who can use it?

  • A victim of anti-social behaviour or another person acting on behalf of the victim such as a carer, family member, MP, councillor or professional person.
  • The victim could be an individual, a business or a community group.

When not to use it:

  • If you have reported anti-social behaviour and been given a timescale for response, which has not expired.  You should contact the agency you are working with to discuss what is happening.
  • If you have reported anti-social behaviour and received a service, but are unhappy with the conduct of a particular agency.  You should submit a complaint under the agency's complaints procedures.

What will happen?

  • You will receive a confirmation of your application within three working days.
  • If the threshold is met, a referral will be made to the district/borough partnership action group.
  • The action group will review your case and consider how the problem could be resolved.
  • You will be sent a response within twenty-five working days telling you what will happen and giving you a plan that explains how the action group will attempt to resolve the anti-social behaviour.
  • The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner provide you with a route to query the decision on whether the threshold was met or the way a Community Trigger review was carried out, if you remain unhappy following the Community Safety Partnership's response.