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Housing FAQs

faq icon 17073 How do I join the Housing Register?

The housing register is for people who are 16 and over, who are interested in being considered for a council or housing association home for rent. Read more >

faq icon 17074 Can I apply to housing associations to go on their registers?

We work in partnership with a number of housing associations operating in the area. The council has nomination rights to most housing association properties in the borough and nominates applicants from the housing register to any vacancies. The housing associations themselves tend not to hold their own registers and rely mostly on council nominations. In effect by applying to the housing register you are applying for both council and housing association properties.

faq icon 17075 Can you refuse to accept me onto the housing register?

There are some people who are not eligible to be included on the Housing Register. Read more >

faq icon 17088 What other options are there for housing?

Most applicants on the housing register will generally have to wait five years or more for housing and many of those in the lower bands will have little chance of housing in the local area. Depending on your circumstances, you may wish to consider other options such as renting in the private sector. If your household is threatened with homelessness, we may be able to help you with a deposit for private rented property if you meet the criteria for our Homes 4U rent deposit scheme.

faq icon 17076 Do I need to renew my application each year?

Yes, once a year. Normally on the anniversary of your application you will be sent a declaration form, which you must complete and return within 28 days. If you fail to return the form, we will cancel your application. Applicants whose circumstances have been assessed as priority band E will not be sent an annual reminder. Please note it is the applicant's responsibility to renew their housing application, therefore we would recommend that you note the anniversary date of your application as a memorable date to ensure you do not miss renewing your housing application.

faq icon 17077 How do I know if I have been accepted onto the housing register?

We will send you a letter or an email confirming that you have been accepted onto the housing register. This will tell you the band you have been placed within, the date your application has been registered from and the size of property you are eligible for.

faq icon 17078 How do I request a review of a decision?

You should contact the housing advice centre stating your reasons for requesting a review. This must be within 21 days of the date you received the decision. You may provide additional information in writing that you wish to be taken into account when the review is carried out. You will normally be advised of the outcome of the review within eight weeks.

faq icon 17079 How do you decide who is offered a property?

After 'bidding' or expressing an interest in a vacancy, a shortlist of applicants is drawn up. The applicant with the highest level of priority, who has been waiting the longest, will normally be offered the property.

faq icon 17080 How long will I have to wait to be housed?

The demand for housing in Guildford is very high, with about 2,500 applications on the housing register. With on average of between 300 and 400 properties becoming vacant each year, it is not possible to meet the demand for housing. Read more >

faq icon 17082 If I have the highest priority for a property, can the landlord refuse to let it to me?

Yes. This may be for a variety of reasons. Read more >

faq icon 17083 What are priority bands?

Priority bands are the scheme used by the Council to classify an applicant's circumstances and the strength of their connection to the borough of Guildford. The priority bands range from A - E, with band A being the highest priority to move. Read more >

faq icon 17084 What do I do if my circumstances change?

It is very important that you tell us of any changes in your circumstances so that we can amend your application. We will tell you if this results in your application moving to a different band. If you move up a band the date used will be the date you move into that band. If you move down a band the date used will be the date that applied when you were previously in that band or any earlier date when you were in a higher band.

faq icon 17085 What if I don't like the property when I have seen it?

You are allowed to refuse two offers, if you refuse the third offer your application will be cancelled. This is why it is important to place a bid only on properties and areas that you are sure that you are willing to consider.

faq icon 17086 What if someone in my household has a medical condition?

If you or someone in your household has a medical condition, we ask you to complete a medical referral form Read more >

faq icon 17087 What other documents do I need to provide?

Please read more for a list of documents you will need to provide. Read more >