Play Strategy 2016-2021

Play Strategy 2
The Play Strategy 2016-2021 will help us to ensure that our playschemes and our play area facilities are of a high standard and are what is needed locally. The strategy will ensure that the opportunities for children and young people to play that are provided for by the Council, are co-ordinated, to make best use of resources.

The  icon Guildford Play Strategy [10.48MB] is made up of three sections which, are aligned to our overall vision for play in Guildford:

Section 1: The Play Strategy

Section 2: The Fixed Play Equipment Strategy

Section 3: Play Strategy Action Plan

The strategy has an:

  icon Executive Summary [1.02MB] and a icon children's version. [1.05MB]  

Why do we need a play strategy?

We recognise that play is a crucial part of a child's development and wellbeing yet, the more complicated, busy and risk averse our lives become, the fewer opportunities there are for children to play freely.

Play provision is therefore part of the necessary infrastructure, which needs to be planned for and sustained, in order to contribute to healthy communities across the borough.

Measuring success

In order to implement the strategy we have developed a coordinated and resource-led action plan and a play area development plan. These will be monitored, evaluated and reviewed on an annual basis. 

Read our icon year 2 review [1.69MB]  and a icon case study on the development of Onslow play area. [1.49MB]

We have updated the icon play area development plan [285.93KB]  and established the  icon year 3 action plan. [140.31KB]

The Play and Youth Development Officer is here to:

  • provide skilled professional advice on children's play for the Council

  • design and manage play projects, schemes and events that promote a diverse range of play and leisure opportunities for children and young people

  • promote opportunities for play within the borough

  • provide information, advice and support to community groups wishing to develop community play provision within the borough

For more information on play in Guildford, please contact the Play and Youth Development Officer by emailing or call 01483 444764.

The Parks Team is here to:

  • provide strategic direction for developing play spaces and to coordinate partners such as parish councils

  • undertake planned improvements of sites

  • develop areas identified as deficient in play space

  • inspect, maintain and manage attractive play space provision within the Council's portfolio that children want to play in.

For more information on play areas in Guildford, please contact the Parks Team by emailing or call 01483 444728.