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Met Office issues amber weather warning

You can visit our pages for heatwave advice. For further advice or information visit the NHS website or the Met Office.

Pre-application planning advice

Development projects may involve an informal, voluntary process offering advice and support to applicants before they submit a formal application.

During that process, applicants or agents may submit documents to us for evaluation and discussion. As these discussions are not part of the formal planning process and may be considered confidential by the applicant, Planning Services do not normally make information about these applications or their documents publicly available during the life of a pre-application submission.

However, should pre-application advice be used as part of a subsequent planning application we may disclose the pre-application response and any other relevant information. pre-applications will be retained for two years if no subsequent planning application is received.

If you believe there is information from one of these pre-application records that you are entitled to see under FOI or EIR legislation, you should contact us at and we will look into it for you.

If we are unsure as to whether we can supply you with the information you have requested, we may ask you to submit a Freedom of Information request.