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Heating, insulation and renewable energy help

We want to make homes in our borough more energy efficient, as well as protect the environment and cut fuel bills. We have a number of grants and loans to improve the heating in your home, give extra insulation or help with 'green' energy improvements, such as solar thermal panels for hot water. Read our Home Energy Conservation(HECA) Strategy to find out more about our commitment.

Find out more about grants and loans available.


If your boiler is old or broken, we can offer grants to replace it with a modern condensing boiler. These are more efficient than traditional boilers (some reach efficiencies of 95 per cent compared with approximately 75 per cent of traditional boilers) as they are able to capture the waste heat from the flue gases. 


Improved insulation will cut your fuel costs and our environmental impact, and will make your home warm and cosy. Insulation could be fitted in the roof space, on external walls or under floors.

Grants are means tested and aimed at lower income households. They are subject to conditions if the property is sold within 25 years.

Our Care and Repair team can help you apply and organise the works.

To apply, contact Customer Services on 01483 505050 or complete our customer services form (opens new window).

Action Surrey

Our partner Action Surrey can offer help and advice on grants available from the Government or from fuel suppliers, including eco funds and Green Deal.

Contact Action Surrey on 0800 783 2503 or visit Action Surrey website. (opens new window)

Warm Home Discount Scheme

If you have a disability, a long-term illness, are on a low income and have a child under 5, or if you receive Child Tax Credit, you may be able to save £140 on your winter electricity bill.

Find out more about warm home discount scheme. (opens new window)

Priority Services Register

You may qualify for extra help with your energy supply if you are disabled, vulnerable, a pensioner, chronically sick, or have a hearing or visual impairment.

You will need to sign up to the Priority Services Register by contacting your energy supplier(s). This means you should get help such as priority treatment in a power cut, yearly gas safety checks, notice in advance if there's a supply disruption and more.

For more information on joining the Priority Services Register, or finding out what to do if you're struggling with the cost of your energy bills, visit Ofgem website (opens new window).

Renewable energy

Renewable Technology Loans

We offer interest free loans of up to £3,000 to help with the cost of installing:

  • ground or air source heat pumps
  • solar thermal panels for hot water
  • wind turbines
  • biomass or wood fuel boilers, if it is the main heating source
  • solar photovoltaic panels (PV)

To apply, please contact Customer Services on 01483 505050 or complete our customer services form (opens new window).

Feed-in Tariff and Green Deal

If you generate your own electricity (for example, with solar PV panels or a wind turbine) your energy supplier might pay you money for the energy you create. This is called a 'Feed-in Tariff' (FIT).

Find out about Feed in Tariffs by visiting the Ofgem website.

Renewable Heat Incentive

You can also earn an income for heating your home with 'green' heating systems through the Renewable Heat Incentive.

This can cover:

  • Air-source heat pumps
  • Ground and water-source heat pumps
  • Biomass-only boilers and biomass pellet stoves with integrated boilers
  • Solar thermal panels (for hot water only)

Find out about the Renewable Heat Incentive by visiting the Ofgem website.