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Memorial choices and options for ashes

Memorial Choices

Memorial Choices

Our memorial stones, tranquil garden plots and Remembrance Book give you a choice of ways to remember your loved one.

Other memorial options include leasing a vault, erecting a granite plaque or wall tablet and planting rose bushes or trees.

Call the bereavement services office on 01483 444711 for more information or to make an appointment to look at the different options.

See the forms on this page to request a memorial.

Book of Remembrance Room

Our Book of Remembrance Room has been updated as part of the crematorium redevelopment work. 

New Book of Remembrance room
crematorium remembrance notes

We also have an online book of remembrance (opens new window) available for you to use. 

Memorial vaults

Memorial vaults can be leased for 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50-year periods and offer a fitting and dignified resting place for caskets of cremated remains. Each vault features a black granite tablet, with your choice of inscription and a flower vase for your floral tributes.

Appropriate sized caskets to contain the remains are supplied by the crematorium.

View of the vaults in the crematorium grounds

The Glades

Scattering to rest area

We have several areas of the Gardens of Remembrance where ashes may be laid to rest by scattering them onto the ground. This will be done with a member of staff with you and your family or friends.

If you do not wish to witness this, the remains will be laid to rest a few weeks after the service. There is no charge for a laying to rest of ashes in this area when the deceased was cremated at Guildford Crematorium.

To keep the natural feel of the area, it is not possible to have a memorial put up, but natural flowers without cellophane wrapping may be placed on the ground. These will be removed after a few days.

While our records will denote an area, for example, west or east glade, no exact location of the ashes is marked within those areas.

Tulips at the Crematorium
Footpath at the Crematorium

Heather at the Crematorium
Landscape shot of Crematorium