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Technical issues with our payment system

We are experiencing some technical issues with our payment system. Some customers may have issues processing payments. We are currently not taking payments for garden waste renewals while we look into the issue. We are working hard to fix this as soon as possible and apologise for any inconvenience.

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Mixed recycling

We offer businesses a mixed recycling service that is tailored to your business needs.

On a like-for-like comparison, recycling containers are up to 30% cheaper than refuse containers. 

What can go in your mixed recycling?

All recyclable materials can go in one container.

Yes please!

We can take clean:

Paper including office paper, magazines, newspaper, books, telephone directories and envelopes

Plastics including bottles, yoghurt pots, tubs, trays and plastic bags

Cardboard including cereal boxes, egg boxes and greetings cards

Tins and cans including drinks and food cans, biscuit and sweet tins, empty aerosols

Clean aluminium foil

Cartons and Tetrapak

No thank you!

We do not take:

Food waste -  we offer a separate service

Glass - we offer a separate service

Cardboard - we offer a separate service

✗ Paint cans

✗ Black bags

✗ Other objects, such as cutlery and pans

Collection frequencies:

Collections are Monday to Friday, between 5.30am and 1pm. We work with our customers to agree a collection frequency that is suitable for all.

We work on Bank Holidays, so your waste collection day will remain the same. Except for any changes over Christmas and New Year.

Container type:

Wheeled bins

We offer wheeled recycling bins in 360 litres, 770 litres and 1100 litres sizes. Charged per amount each bin is emptied. You can have as many bins as you need.


Sacks are the suitable option for businesses that produce different quantities of recycling. You can present as many or as few sacks as needed for each collection.

Blue trade waste sacks are 80 litres in size. Sold in quantities of 30. We deliver your sack order to your premises.

Additional emptying of mixed recycling containers

If your business has had a busy week, or you have a planned an upcoming event, we are able to carry out additional emptying of your waste containers outside of your usual collection schedule. Please contact us arrange this.