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Dog behaviour

Antisocial dogs

Antisocial dog behaviour can include:

  • dogs straying or roaming from a property
  • dog fouling
  • dog noise
  • dogs not kept under control
  • dogs attacking other dogs/pets/animals

If you are being bothered by any of the above, you can report an antisocial dog to us. 

Report an issue with a dog

The first step we take is to send a letter to the owner. If the behaviour continues we may then issue a notice, which if not followed could result in the owner being taken to court.

If you have reported the issue and you are concerned that not enough is being done, you can raise a Community Trigger.

Dangerous dogs

A dangerous dog is one that causes you or another person injury.

Aggressive or dangerously out of control dogs should be reported to the police by calling 101, or in an emergency, 999.

Noisy dogs

Further information and guidance on noisy dogs (opens new window).

If you are being regularly disturbed by a noisy dog you can report it.

Report a noise complaint