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Technical issues with our payment system

We are experiencing some technical issues with our payment system. Some customers may have issues processing payments. We are currently not taking payments for garden waste renewals while we look into the issue. We are working hard to fix this as soon as possible and apologise for any inconvenience.

Guildford and Waverley visitor permits

About visitor permits

Who can buy a visitor permit?

Any resident can buy a visitor permit.

You will need to buy a visitor permit when a visitor to your property will be:

  • parking for a long period
  • parking within the controlled parking zone

A tradesperson visiting your property will not be able to park in a controlled zone without a permit.

Visitor permits are like scratch cards. Your visitor must make their permit visible in their vehicle from the moment they arrive.

How much does a visitor permit cost?

Visitor permits are £2 each and are valid for one day.

If you are a Guildford resident, you can buy up to 60 visitor permits, per household, per year.

If you are a Waverley resident, you can buy up to 120 visitor permits per household, per year.

Requesting additional permits

We may be able to offer extra visitor scratch card permits to cover parking for one vehicle for a limited time.

We issue these at our discretion to allow for essential or emergency:

  • building works
  • child care
  • health care
  • other similar need

You will need to provide evidence of your circumstances when requesting additional permits. To request a permit for one of these listed reasons, email