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Land Availability Assessment

The Land Availability Assessment (LAA) helps identify sites we can use for the following:

  • housing
  • economic development

The sites can be used over the next 15 years. The LAA assesses the suitability, availability, and achievability of each site, including:

  • how much development could take place
  • how likely we are to use the site for development

The document includes:

  • a list of all sites or locations considered, cross-referenced to their locations on maps
  • a guideline for how many homes we expect will be built in each year of the Local Plan period
  • a plan of each site showing their boundary

Read the LAA below:

For a hard copy, contact or call 01483 444471.

LAA map

Use the map below to view the sites in each category.

If you need more information about these designations, or call 01483 444471.

Submitting a new site

You can submit sites for inclusion in both the:

Sites have to be either:

  • 0.25ha or more
  • suitably able to accommodate five or more homes

To make a submission, send the following to

To discuss current sites in the LAA or potential new sites, contact us on 01483 444471.