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Mandatory rate relief

Business rates relief for charities

Who qualifies for this relief?

Registered charities or charitable organisations that are exempt from registration as a charity.

Organisations that are eligible for this relief include:

  • conservation organisations
  • museums
  • sports or recreational clubs
  • village halls, clubs or community centres
  • welfare organisations providing advice, counselling and community care
  • youth organisations, including scouts, guides, youth hostels and the YMCA
  • educational organisations that are registered charities

The property must be used wholly or mainly for charitable purposes. The institution or organisation must exist for charitable purposes only. The property must be occupied by people managing a trust started for charitable purposes only. Registration under the Charities Act 2011, as amended, is evidence of charitable status.

You are eligible for mandatory relief if:

  • you are an organisation that, under the 2011 Act, are excepted from registration or are exempt charities

For charity shops, the shop must be wholly or mainly used for the sale of goods given to the charity. Rather than goods manufactured for the charity.

How much mandatory relief do I receive?

You will receive relief to the value of 80% of your bill

Can I claim discretionary relief?

Yes. If discretionary relief is granted, you will receive relief to the value of 20% of your bill. If you get both mandatory and discretionary relief, you will not pay any business rates.