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Burpham Neighbourhood Area expanded to match new ward boundary

Burpham Neighbourhood Area final boundary approved 2023

A new neighbourhood forum has also been created

We have changed the Burpham Neighbourhood Area to reflect the new ward boundary. We've also designated a new Burpham Neighbourhood Forum to make it more representative. These changes follow a six-week consultation on both proposals.
Now these are in place neighbourhood planning for the new area can begin. Neighbourhood planning enables communities to shape development in their local areas. 

What powers does the new forum have?

The purpose of the forum is to promote or improve the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the area. Its membership is open to people who live, work or do business in the area.

The new forum can create a new neighbourhood plan which contains policies that we will use to decide planning applications. It can also produce a Neighbourhood Development Order which allows developments to go ahead without the need to apply for planning permission. Both documents must take account of national policy and help meet the strategic needs of the wider local area. Residents will be able to vote on proposed plans or order through a referendum.

Chairman of the Forum, Christian Holliday said:
"I'm pleased that our Neighbourhood Forum will now include members from Abbotswood, Ganghill and Boxgrove. Adding the new areas of the Burpham Ward will keep the Forum representative of the local area."

History of The Burpham Neighbourhood Forum

The original Burpham Neighbourhood Forum was designated in February 2013. The group produced the Burpham Neighbourhood Plan. We use this when making planning decisions in the Burpham Neighbourhood Area. The forum designation expired in 2018. The forum was then designated for another five years until April 2023. 

In May 2023 the boundary of Burpham Ward changed. A community group made an application to expand the neighbourhood area and designate a new Burpham Neighbourhood Forum.

For six weeks during September and October 2023 we consulted on the proposals. We've now modified the boundary and designated the forum as proposed. This does not change the area where the current Burpham neighbourhood plan applies, but any future plan or order will apply across the new area.

The consultation is now closed, but you can still read the consultation and supporting documents (opens new window)

Visit our website for more information about:

  • the new neighbourhood area boundary for Burpham
  • the forum and neighbourhood planning in the area
  • how to get involved

Published 27 October 2023