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Dealing with damp and mould

What you need to know

You can read our information and damp and mould leaflet (PDF) [357KB] on how to reduce dump and mould in properties.

Read our  damp and mould action plan (PDF) [733KB] . It sets out how we will deal with damp and mould in the short term and long term.

If you have followed the advice on treating mould, or you can't follow the advice because of an issue such as the heating not working, or broken extractor fans, then contact your home provider (landlord, lettings agent or council). You'll need to:

  • clearly describe the problem
  • ask them to investigate and do the necessary repairs or improvements
  • do this in writing in case you need to prove that they knew about the problem at a later date. Provide photographs of the mould if you can
  • continue paying your rent. Do not stop paying your rent, this could put you at risk of being served an eviction notice

If your home provider does not investigate or do the necessary repairs within a reasonable time period, you may want to contact the Private Sector Housing team for further advice. You can do so by using our report damp and mould online form. You address must be within Guildford Borough.