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How to get the most out of your recycling service

recycling bin and vehicle

To get the most out of your recycling service with us, there are a few things you can do.  

Know your bin day! 

Make sure your waste and recycling doesn't build up, get ahead by putting your bins out on the right day.  

Find your bin day 

Make sure we can collect your waste 

It's really important to put the right rubbish in the right bins. This makes sure we can do our job properly and keep our environment cleaner. When you sort your rubbish right, you're helping recycle more and pollute less. 

If your rubbish ends up in the wrong bin, we won't be able to collect it. That bin becomes 'contaminated,' meaning any incorrect waste will need to be removed. 

Not sure what you can and can't put in your bins? You can find out what goes in your bins on our website. 

Why not level up your recycling efforts? Try this online game to test your whole family knows how to recycle right! 

If we miss your bin, tell us!  

We'll always make it our priority to collect your bins when we say we will. However, there might be times when we hit a snag, like blocked roads or unexpected changes in our staff. We get it, it's frustrating! If we miss you, don't worry, we'll always try to get to your bins either later the same day or the next.  

We appreciate your understanding and patience. If your bin remains uncollected, tell us.

Report a missed bin collection 

Know what to do with your extra recycling 

If you put extra recycling in a clear plastic bag or carrier bag next to your green recycling bin, we'll take it away. Extra recycling we'll collect in your kerbside collection includes: 

  • extra normal recycling  
  • textiles  
  • small electricals  
  • batteries - put them in a small clear bag, like a sandwich bag and put it on top of your bin. This helps keep it out of reach from animals and small children safe.

If you have extra recycling, you should know: 

  • we can only pick up one extra bag of recycling per household. Currently, our vehicles can't hold more than this and makes sure the service is fair for all our residents. This means if you put out more than one bag, we won't collect it
  • if you have more than one bag of extra recycling you should take it to our local County Council Recycling Centre, which is Slyfield Community Recycling Centre
  • we're working with our crews so more extra recycling can be collected. If you continue to see waste left on the pavement or your items aren't taken, tell us about it.