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Exciting upgrades to Playgrounds in Park Barn

play equiptment in playground

Playing outside is one of the best parts of childhood! That's why we're committed to providing safe, stimulating environments where children can play, learn and grow. Recently, we've revitalised two well-loved playgrounds in Park Barn: 

  • Kings College playground 
  • Woodside playground 

Why we did it

Families were using these playgrounds less because they were getting old and worn out. We wanted to make them fun and safe again! It was time for a makeover, so using your feedback we started re-imagining these play areas for children of all ages and abilities.   

The big plan 

We wanted to:

  • upgrade the fun with modern play equipment and surfaces 
  • improve the play experience for children of all ages and abilities 
  • introduce thoughtful landscaping to enhance playtime 
  • improve wellbeing for our community with spaces where everyone feels welcome and happy

Here's what's new

At Kings College playground we:

  • added exciting new equipment, check out the double castle with two slides!
  • created new, comfy seating to sit and relax while watching your children - why not bring a picnic?
  • planted nine new trees to keep the area fresh and reduce road noise.

At Woodside playground we:

  • installed new play features for all ages and abilities, like the popular cradle seat swing
  • added a new spot with a goal for football
  • planted new plants and six trees to make the playground more inviting and pretty.

Thanks for your help

These are your playgrounds full of your ideas! These upgrades wouldn't have been possible without your input. Through online surveys and a drop-in at the Hive, your ideas and preferences shaped these play areas. Thanks to you, they're now better than ever! 

Come and see them for yourself

Summer is here, and it's the perfect time to visit these new playgrounds. Bring your family, friends, and neighbours to enjoy all the exciting new features. Whether you're picnicking, playing, or soaking up the sun, Kings College and Woodside playgrounds are ready for you!

Visit these and other playgrounds around our borough.