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Breathe easy this summer


Summer is here, making it a great time for outdoor activities like adventures, barbecues and bonfires. Small actions can make a big difference in keeping our environment and air clean while we enjoy summer fun. Good air quality not only enhances our outdoor activities but also keeps us healthy.

Rev up your summer by cutting your car use 

Summer's all about adventures, so let's shake things up by reducing our time behind the wheel! Here are some quick trades you can make to help improve air quality: 

  • take a walk for short trips 
  • ride your bike for a fun and eco-friendly option 
  • share rides with friends for longer journeys 
  • hop on buses or trains for convenient travel 
  • drive partway, then use public transport to reach your destination. 

If you have to drive, remember to turn off your car engine when you're stopped. It saves fuel and cuts down on pollution, which is good for both the environment and your wallet. It's a win-win! 

You could also join Surrey Car Club for occasional car use without ownership.  

Have an electric or hybrid car? 

Keep your summer sizzle clean 

Bonfires and barbeques are a fun part of summer, but they can add to air pollution if you don't manage them right. But hold your horses, grill masters and fire enthusiasts! While we all love a good barbeque or bonfire, it's essential to keep our air clean (and our neighbours happy while we're at it!).  

To make sure we keep the air clean and neighbours happy, here are some simple tips for burning outside:  

  • burn only dry materials, like dry wood or smokeless fuels. Wet wood creates more pollution. 
  • join our garden waste schemeor composting instead of burning. Garden waste tends to produce a lot of smoke. 
  • use our waste collection services, household waste releases toxic fumes from burning 
  • choose calm days for bonfires to prevent smoke from bothering others. It's an offence for smoke, smell and ash to cause a nuisance under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (opens new window) .
  • follow the manufacturer's instructions for outdoor fire appliances like barbecues and fire pits. This will help minimise excessive smoke. 

If you're bothered by outdoor burning you can report a bonfire

Now, enjoy your outdoor fun responsibly and take a breath of fresh air knowing you're making a difference!