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Help with the cost of living

Be aware there are a number of scams going around at the moment. Scammers are copying government or bank messages and may ask you to click a link. Always check with your bank, or on the government website, before clicking any links. For more information visit GOV.UK.

Help with money

Find out what financial help and support is available.

Help with paying rent and council tax

Find out about help available to pay your rent or council tax.

Help with food costs

Find out about help available for the cost of food.

Help with health and wellbeing

Find out about help and support available for your health and wellbeing.

Help from The Hive Community Centre

Find out how our community centre can help you.

Help from the government

Find out about help and support available from the government.

Help with finding a warm hub

Find out about warm hubs in Guildford and Surrey.