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Advice for severe weather

Flooding advice

For the latest flood information, alerts and advice visit the Environment Agency website (opens new window) or visit Surrey County Council's advice on flooding. (opens new window)

The National Flood Forum (opens new window) is a charity supporting those at risk of flooding.

Flooding emergency contact numbers

During office hours, you can contact us on 01483 505050. Outside office hours, please use the following emergency numbers:

  • Out of hours emergencies: 01344 949371  
  • Flooding and sandbags: 01344 949371  
  • Emergency housing repairs (Council tenants): 01483 532122
  • Homelessness/emergency housing situations: 01344 949371

What happens if there is flooding?

If there is high water and flooding, we can give you sandbags. Sandbags are at the following locations in Guildford town centre:

  1. Fays Passage, Bedford Road
  2. Mary Road car park
  3. Millbrook car park
  4. Millmead Court, Millmead
  5. Portsmouth Road car park

We cannot always guarantee sandbags will be available. Please try to make your own flood protection plan if you live in an at-risk area.  Most local builders merchants supply sandbags and sand.  You can also purchase permanent flood protection products for the longer-term. For advice on flood protection, visit the Environment Agency website (opens new window).

There are also other locations where you can find sandbags:

If there is a flood


✔ Pay attention to the advice of the emergency services and local authority

✔  Switch off electrical and gas appliances at the mains 

✔  Move important items to an upstairs room or a safe, high place on the ground floor

Do not:

✗ Enter the flood water - only six inches of fast flowing water can knock you over and there may be hidden hazards 

✗ Drive through flood water - less than two feet can be enough to float a car

✗ Come into contact with flood water - it is often contaminated with sewage and pollution. Wear rubber gloves and boots, and wash thoroughly if you do come into contact with flood water