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Halls for hire

Our Halls for hire section lists details for more than 80 venues in our area.

Albury Village Hall

Hiring Albury Village Hall.

All Saints' Church Hall

Hiring All Saints' Church Hall.

Ash Centre

Hiring Ash Centre.

Ash Manor Sports Centre

Hiring Ash Manor Sports Centre.

Bellfields Youth and Community Centre

Hiring Bellfields Youth and Community Centre.

Blackheath Village Hall

Hiring Blackheath Village Hall.

Bushy Hill Junior School

Hiring Bushy Hill Junior School.

Chilworth Village Hall

Hiring Chilworth Village Hall.

Christ Church Hall

Hiring Christ Church Hall.

Christ's College

Hiring Christ's College.

East Clandon Village Hall

Hiring East Clandon Village Hall.

East Horsley Village Hall

Hiring East Horsley Village Hall.

Effingham Methodist Church Hall

Hiring Effingham Methodist Church Hall.

Emmanuel Parish Centre

Hiring Emmanuel Parish Centre.

Fairlands Community Centre

Hiring Fairlands Community Centre.

Friends (Quaker) Meeting House

Hiring Friends (Quaker) Meeting House.

G Live

Find out about hiring G live.

George Abbot School

Hiring George Abbot School.


Hiring Greenark Community Hall.

Guildford Baptist Church

Hiring Guildford Baptist Church.

Guildford County School

Hiring Guildford County School.

Guildford Grove Primary School

Hiring Guildford Grove Primary School.

Guildford Nursery School and Family Centre

Hiring Guildford Nursery School and Family Centre

Guildford Pavilion

Hiring Guildford Pavilion.

Guildford Spectrum

Hiring Guildford Spectrum.

Guildford United Reformed Church

Hiring Guildford United Reformed Church.

Holmbury St Mary Village Hall

Hiring Holmbury St Mary Village Hall.

Horsley Towers

Hiring rooms at Horsley Towers.

Jacobs Well Village Hall

Hiring Jacobs Well Village Hall.

King George V Hall

Hiring King George V Hall.

Kings College

Hiring Kings College.

Lancaster Hall

Hiring Lancaster Hall.

Lord Pirbright's Hall

Hiring Lord Pirbright's Hall.

Lord Roberts Centre

Hiring Lord Roberts Centre.

Merrist Wood College

Hiring Merrist Wood College.

Merrow Village Hall

Hiring Merrow Village Hall.

Normandy Cricket Club

Hiring Normandy Cricket Club

Normandy Village Hall

Hiring Normandy Village Hall.

Onslow Village Hall

Hiring Onslow Village Hall.

Peaslake Memorial Hall

Hiring Peaslake Memorial Hall.

Primrose Hall

Hiring Primrose Hall.

Queen Eleanor's C of E Junior School

Hiring Queen Eleanor's C of E Junior School.

Raleigh School

Hiring Raleigh School.

Ripley Village Hall

Hiring Ripley Village Hall.

Sandfield Primary School

Hiring Sandfield Primary School.

Sandmore Hall

Hiring the Sandmore Hall.

Sands Room

Hiring the Sands Room.

Send C of E Primary School

Hiring Send C of E Primary School.

Shalford Infant School - Oasis Building (Home Lodge)

Hiring the Oasis Building at Shalford Infant School.

Shalford Infant School - School Hall

Hiring the hall at Shalford Infant School.

Shere C of E Infant School

Hiring Shere C of E Infant School.

Shere Village Hall

Hiring Shere Village Hall.

St Alban's Hall

Hiring St Alban's Hall.

St Alphege Hall

Hiring St Alphege Hall.

St Catherine's School

Hiring St Catherine's School.

St Catherine's School House

Hiring St Catherine's School House.

St Catherine's Village Hall

Hiring St Catherine's Village Hall.

St Francis Church Hall (Artington)

Hiring St Francis Church Hall (Artington).

St Francis Church Hall (Westborough)

Hiring St Francis Church Hall (Westborough).

St John's Church Centre

Hiring St John's Church Centre.

St Lawrence Church Hall

Hiring St Lawrence Church Hall.

St Mark's Church Hall

Hiring St Mark's Church Hall.

St Martin's Church Canterbury Rooms

Hiring St Martin's Church Canterbury Rooms.

St Martin's Community Hall at Effingham Junction

Hiring St Martin's Community Hall at Effingham Junction.

St Mary's Church Community Centre

Hiring St Mary's Church Community Centre.

St Mary's Church Shalford

Hiring St Mary's Church in Shalford.

St Michael's Church Peasmarsh Hall

Hiring Peasmarsh Hall.

St Nicolas Community Centre

Hiring St Nicolas Community Centre.

St Peter's Catholic Comprehensive School

Hiring St Peter's Catholic Comprehensive School.

St Peter's Shared Church

Hiring St Peter's Shared Church.

Stirling Centre

Hiring the Stirling Centre.

Stoke & District Horticultural Society Hall

Hiring Stoke & District Horticultural Society Hall.

Stoughton Infant School

Hiring Stoughton Infant School.

Stoughton Methodist Church

Hiring Stoughton Methodist Church.

Stoughton Youth Centre

Hiring Stoughton Youth Centre.

Tanyard Hall

Hiring Tanyard Hall.

The Guildford Institute

Hiring the Guildford Institute.

The Hideaway Cafe

Hiring The Hideaway Cafe.

The Hive

Find out about hiring space at The Hive.

The Marwick Hall

Hiring the Marwick Hall.

The Old School

Hiring the Old School.

The Spike Community Centre

Hiring the Spike Community Centre.

Tillingbourne Junior School

Hiring Tillingbourne Junior School.

Tongham Community Centre

Hiring Tongham Community Centre.

Trinity Centre

Hiring the Trinity Centre.

Victoria Hall

Hiring Victoria Hall.

Wanborough Village Hall

Hiring Wanborough Village Hall.

Waterside Centre

Hiring the Waterside Centre.

West Horsley Village Hall

Hiring West Horsley Village Hall.

Westborough United Reformed Church

Hiring Westborough United Reformed Church.

Worplesdon Memorial Hall

Hiring Worplesdon Memorial Hall.

Yvonne Arnaud Theatre

Hiring the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre.