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Examining the Local Plan: Strategy and Sites

The information on this page relates to the examination and adoption of the Local Plan: Strategy and Sites 2015-2034.

Our Local Plan: Strategy and Sites explains how we'll manage developments until 2034. The plan has been examined by the Secretary of State.

We adopted the latest Local Plan (PDF) [17MB] (opens new window)  on 25 April 2019. You can read the meeting minutes here (opens new window).

We have written an Adoption Statement (PDF) [171KB] explaining:

  • what modifications we've made to the plan
  • where you can read hard copies of the plan

Sustainability Appraisal reports for the adopted Local Plan: Strategy Sites 2015-2034

Each new version of the Local Plan comes with a Sustainability Appraisal Report. The report shows we:

  • considered all reasonable options when writing policies
  • chose the most sustainable options

Read our Sustainability Appraisal Reports

How was the Local Plan examined?

On 21 November 2017 we submitted our plan for examination by the Secretary of State's inspector. Read the meeting minutes here (opens new window). Our inspector was Mr Jonathan Bore BA MRTPI DipUD.

Check which documents were examined (PDF) [701KB] (opens new window) .

During the examination there was a series of public hearings. Read statements made at the hearings below:

All important documents from the Local Plan examination are available below.

Read the list of examination documents

You can find hard copies of examination documents at our Millmead office.

The Inspector's Report

On 28 March, the examination finished and the inspector wrote his findings:

You can also read  The Inspector's Report on our 2003 Local Plan (PDF) [5MB] (opens new window) , which was written in 2001.

The council met to discuss the impact of the inspector's report. We considered:

  • how we could change the plan
  • the effects of refusing to adopt the modified plan

Read the councillor's briefing (updated 18 April 2019) (PDF) [380KB] (opens new window) .

Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) for the adopted Local Plan: Strategy and Sites 2015-2034

Each new version of the Local Plan comes with a Habitat Regulations Assessment. 

Read our Habitat Regulations Assessments

We received questions about changes made to our HRA after the inspector's report was published.  Read our response here (PDF) [98KB] (opens new window) .

Previous Consultation

Use our previous consultations page to read:

  • consultations on versions of the plan from 2016 and 2017
  • past versions of the plan

To buy a hard copy of our Local Plan, email or call 01483 444471.