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Protecting and design

Air quality evidence for Local Plan

Read documents we submitted which relate to air quality.

Environmental sustainability and climate change study

Learn how we identify key environmental sustainability and climate change issues in Guildford.

Flood risk

Learn how we assess the risks of flooding to areas across Guildford.

Green Belt and Countryside Study

Learn how much growth we could accommodate across Guildford whilst still preserving Green Belt and countryside land.

Guildford Renewable Energy Mapping Study

Learn where renewable energy infrastructure will be most sustainable in Guildford.

Historic environment information

Learn about the assets which improve Guildford's character and quality of life.


Read documents we submitted which relate to noise.

Planning for Open Space and Green Infrastructure

Learn about Guildford's green networks.

Sites of Nature Conservation Importance Surveys

SNCIs are chosen for their importance to wildlife.

Surface Water Management Plan

Check how we'll manage Guildford's flood risk sustainably.

Surrey Hills AONB Areas of Search Natural Beauty Evaluation

Learn how we check which areas in Guildford meet the criteria for being Areas of Natural Beauty.

Viability of carbon emission targets for new builds

Find out about the opportunities to lower carbon emissions of new buildings.