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Report a dog issue online form

  1. Report a dog issue
    1. Fields marked with an asterisk * must be filled in.
    2. What dog issue are you reporting? *
    3. If you are being regularly disturbed by a noisy dog, you can report it as a noise nuisance
    4. Aggressive or dangerously out of control dogs should be reported to the Police by calling 101, or in an emergency, 999.
    5. Contact customer services on 01483 505050 to report a lost or found dog. Outside of office hours, contact Treetops Kennels
    6. Sex of dog *
    7. Size of dog *
    8. Does the dog have a collar or nametag? *
    9. Microchipped? *
    10. Has this incident been reported to the police? *
    11. Location of the issue you are reporting
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