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Our pre-application service is currently suspended. We are only accepting new pre-applications for major development for 10 or more dwellings. If you have recently submitted a pre-application request our timescales are extending beyond the advertised response times.

Any new pre-applications submitted will be returned and refunded until we are able to maintain advertised service levels once more. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and are working hard to clear existing pre-applications.


Planning pre-application advice

Are you considering carrying out building works? Why not discuss your proposal with us first?

Do you need planning permission?

Before applying for pre-application advice, please check whether the work you want to carry out requires planning permission by using the interactive guide on the Planning Portal.

If you do not need planning permission then you don't need to apply for pre-application advice.

We can provide you with valuable advice about your proposal and indicate whether planning permission is likely to be granted.

Our pre-application advice service will help you to:

  • have a clearer idea about whether your planning application is likely to be successful
  • avoid the cost of a planning application if your proposal is likely to be unsuccessful
  • ensure a better quality application submission, with better outcomes and ultimately a better built development
  • reduce the time your professional advisors have to spend on your planning proposal.

Do you need information relating to your property?

You can use our interactive map to view relevant planning information for your property.

Apply for pre-application advice

We offer different levels of pre-application advice. For information on each level of service and to find out which level you should use, please view our pre-application advice service page.

The fee for each service level is also tiered depending on the scale of the development proposed. This is split between residential and other types of development. Please see our pre-application advice charges page for further information.

Please note we no longer accept postal submissions or cheque payments for our pre-application service.