Request the Mayor's attendance

Book the Mayor's attendance 

Please make sure you have all the details of your event to hand before filling out the form. The form cannot be saved in a partially completed state.

When completing the form:

  • Include as much information as possible as this will be the Mayor's only guidance should his or her attendance at your event be confirmed.
  • We will aim to confirm if your request has been successful within five working days. If you have not received confirmation by this date, please email

Please note that completion of the form does not guarantee the Mayor's attendance at your event.

If the Mayor is unable to attend your event, the invitation will automatically be extended to the Deputy Mayor unless you specify otherwise.

You can still request mayors attendance by completing the form. We will ask you more questions to ensure everyone stays safe and follows government guidance.

Events the Mayor attends

The Mayor of Guildford, who is elected by the Council for a term of one year and has a largely ceremonial role, attends 500 to 600 events annually, helping to raise the profile of many local groups, charities and voluntary organisations, as well as local businesses.

These events include:

  • civic events - including the Annual Service of Remembrance
  • community events
  • fundraising events for local charities
  • launch events - for local businesses and community groups
  • visits to local community groups and schools
  • hosting receptions for visiting dignitaries and other community leaders.

All invitations are given equal consideration but those where there is a need for the Mayor to perform an official function, for example, opening an event, new business or fulfilling an active role in a ceremony, will take precedence over purely social events.

The Mayor traditionally steps back from party politics for his or her term of office.  The role of Mayor as 'First Citizen' and the widely accepted idea of the Mayor representing all the people of the Borough throughout their year, especially when attending events, emphasises the political neutrality of the role.

Please be aware that for certain events it may also be appropriate to invite the Leader of the Council, the Managing Director, James Whiteman or another Lead Councillor, your local ward councillor, or senior Council Officer. 

For information, the role of the Leader, who is elected by the Council for a four year term, is to provide effective political leadership and strategic direction for the Council. The Managing Director is the council's lead officer and responsible for implementing the Council's policies and management of council services and its staff.