Mayor of Guildford

Guildford's Mayor Councillor Richard Billington

The Mayor of Guildford for 2020-21 is Councillor Richard Billington.

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Mayor's diary

Events have been cancelled due to the pandemic. The Mayor welcomes invites to online and Covid-19 secure events.

The Mayor's charities

Find out about the Mayor's chosen charities for the year and how you can support them.

Mayor's Award for Service to the Community

Read about the 2020 winners of The Mayor's Award for Service to the Community.

Mayor, Deputy Mayor - selection, roles, responsibilities

Every year, in May, the council elects a member of the council to be the Mayor for the forthcoming year.

Heroes Welcome in Guildford

Find a list of local businesses offering discounts or service upgrades to British armed forces personnel.

Protocol information for the Mayor

Useful information to help you to plan the attendance of the Mayor at a function or visit.

List of past Mayors of the borough

View a list of the past Mayors of Guildford, from 1974 to the present day.

The Guildford Access Group

Find out about the Guildford Access Group and what it does.