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Overpaid (credit) accounts - business rates

Business (National Non Domestic) Rates Credits at 1 April

This page provides access to a list of credits on Business Rate accounts in company names as at 1 April 2019.

Limitations on Data

The credits are a snapshot as at 1 April 2019. The Council is permitted to offset credits against ongoing charges and this occurs on 31 March. As a result 1 April provides the best snapshot of genuine credits on accounts.

The data is limited to company name, correspondence address, credit amount, and the year it relates to:

  • Credits are only included where the ratepayer can be identified from our records as being a company.

  • The Council changed its software in 2003. Hence some credits are identified as being in "2003 or earlier".

  • The year is the financial year. So 2003 is the financial year 2003/04 ending 31 March 2004.

  • The correspondence address is the last contact address held on the business rate records. Feedback from people looking at the first published credits list was that correspondence addresses were needed. Please note that the age of some of the credits means that these addresses may no longer be valid.

  • Account references are not included as these are personal to the account, and are used to ensure that a ratepayer is actually the account holder when they contact the Council.

  • Accounts can cover multiple properties, and credits are held at account level, therefore no property information is listed.

If you paid rates to Guildford Borough Council as a sole trader or partnership, and believe that you may have left a credit account, then please contact us. You will need to provide some documentation showing that you were a ratepayer.

    How credits occur

    The Council endeavours to refund credits, especially where they result from a change in rateable value or occupation.

    Credits occur for various reasons:

    • Overpayment of instalments or payment of wrong amounts

    • An attempt has been made to refund the credit but either the cheque was not cashed or bank details for a BACS transfer have not been provided.

    • Change in rateable value

    • Change of occupation

    • Credit being held pending a new rating assessment - for example where the ratepayer has moved from their current premises to a new property.

    How to claim a credit

    You will need to provide documents showing that you were the ratepayer. Once we are happy that the credit is valid and belongs to you then a refund will be made. Refunds are made by BACS transfer.

    The next annual list will be published in April 2020

    With effect from 1 January 2014 additional lists are being published quarterly. However, as explained under Limitations of Data these do not provide the best snapshot of genuine credits.