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Slyfield community recycling centre closure

The Slyfield community recycling centre will be closed from 15 June to 30 June 2024 for essential maintenance. Find out more about alternative community recycling centres. (opens new window)

Report a noise complaint

What happens next?

We ask you to keep a record of dates, times and how the noise affects you

  • we will check your record to see if we can take further action
  • if the noise is likely to be a 'statutory nuisance', we will write to the person responsible. If this solves the problem and you do not report any other incidents within 30 days, the case will be closed

What if the problem carries on?

  • we will arrange for the noise to be witnessed
  • if we decide the noise is a 'statutory nuisance', we will issue a notice to stop the noise happening
  • if the noise nuisance carries on and there is enough evidence, we can take the offender to court
  • you may also be able to take your own private legal action
  • if you have reported the problem and are concerned that not enough is being done, you can raise a 'Community Trigger'
  • the Community Trigger helps you get a review of your case by ourselves, the police and other parties, such as the housing provider. The review will focus on working together to find a solution