Report a noise complaint

What you need to know

In order for us to take action, the noise must be classed as a 'statutory nuisance'. This means that the noise is affecting your health and wellbeing and having a very negative impact on your enjoyment of your home.

We also look at other factors, such as how often, and how long the noise goes on for, what time of day it is, and the type of area you are in.

Noise complaints we can investigate:

  • barking dogs
  • car alarms
  • construction site noise
  • DIY works
  • intruder alarms
  • amplified music/parties
  • noise from commercial premises
  • noise from pubs and clubs

Noise we do not deal with:

  • traffic noise
  • aircraft noise
  • children playing inside or outside
  • complaints where the noise is a problem because the person complaining may be sensitive due to personal/medical reasons
  • general domestic/living noises
  • noise transmitted by poor sound insulation
  • noisy behaviour in public places
  • noise from works such as road works due to gas/electric/water or works to the railway at night