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Licences and permits

We're currently receiving a high volume of applications. It may take us longer than usual to respond to you. Please factor this in when making your submission or enquiry. Thank you for your patience.

We have a temporary fast-track process allowing businesses to get a pavement licence from us to have tables and chairs on the pavement outside their premises. Find out how to apply for a new pavement licence.

Get licensing advice

We offer three application advice services to help you with your licensing application before you submit it.

Find out about charitable collection licences

You will need a permit to carry out charitable collections.

Search for a licence and applications recently received

View our public register for recently received licensing applications

Environmental permits

You need a permit if your business can affect the environment through air, land, or water pollution.

Register a person and/or premises to provide skin piercing treatments

Licensing one premises and one practitioner is £259.60. Adding a practitioner to an existing premises (terms apply) is £98.90.