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Mayor - Councillor Nigel Manning

The Mayor of Guildford for 2017-18 is Councillor Nigel Manning.

Mayor Cllr Nigel Manning
Cllr Nigel Manning is member for Ash Vale. He became a Parish Councillor for Ash in 2000 and has been a Guildford Borough Councillor since 2001. Since May 2002, Nigel has been Chairman of Ash Parish Council and, as an ex-officio member, serves on all the Parish Council committees.

At Guildford Borough Council, Nigel has served on a number of committees, including the Audit Committee, Employment Committee and Licensing Committee. He has also been Chairman of the Corporate Governance and Standards Committee. Nigel has taken on the roles of Deputy Leader and Lead  Councillor for Governance, Finance and Asset Management.

Mayor's theme

For his mayoral theme, Nigel has chosen 'It's our Community, support it, embrace it!'

On this theme, Nigel will be seeking the support of fellow councillors, the local business community, residents and local media to acknowledge and recognise the many people, individuals and groups, who quietly give up their time and energy to help others, even though they themselves may have suffered or are suffering.

The Mayor said: 'Without these wonderful people helping others, Guildford Borough as a whole would be so much poorer in its compassion and diversity.' 

During his mayoral year, Nigel would like visit as many of these community groups and organisations as possible, to see the work that they do, how they help within the community and to personally thank the volunteers on behalf of all the residents of our borough.

About Nigel

Nigel was born and attended school in Brighton, East Sussex. Despite passing the entry exam to the Diplomatic Corp, he chose to work locally for a building society before deciding his career would be in the Civil Service.

After joining what was then known as 'Her Majesty's Inspector of Taxes - The Inland Revenue', Nigel was promoted and moved to Guildford in 1990.

Nigel retired in January 2016 after working for over 41 years with what is now known as 'Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs'.

Local and national politics have always been of interest for Nigel, probably as a result of the friendly rivalry between his parents, one of whom was a 'true Blue' while the other was an active trade unionist. Nigel became more involved in local politics when he moved to Ash and joined the local Conservatives Association and branch.

After winning a seat on Ash Parish Council during a by-election in June 2000, Nigel followed this with another by-election win in January 2001, when he also became a Guildford Borough Councillor.

Nigel's knowledge of budgets and all other matters fiscal, has been put to good use by successive administrations at Guildford Borough Council. His drive and determination comes from being able to represent the area in which he lives. He works closely with local people and organisations to get things done.

Making a positive difference to his community and the individuals who seek his help is very important to Nigel. He has a genuine concern for his fellow residents, not only in Ash, but across the borough, and while this does keep him pretty busy, he still finds time to be active as Chairman of the Ash and District Museum Society, a registered charity, as well as trustee of three other local charities, Ash Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), the James Payne Memorial Fund and The Henry Smith Charity. 

All these charities help to ensure that people in real need within the community receive the help that is available to them wherever possible.

Nigel has lived with his partner, Marsha Moseley, for over 22 years. She too has been a Guildford Borough and Ash Parish Councillor for 18 years, as well as being a member of Surrey County Council for the last 10 years.

When 'off duty' and this doesn't happen often, Nigel spends as much time as he can keeping up to date with current affairs, keeping his home and garden in good order, and enjoying foreign travel, particularly to France and Spain. Some of his trips to Europe enable him to reflect on his interest in modern history, for example, visiting the scenes of such awesome and dreadful human conflict as Ypres and Passchendaele in Belgium and Thiepval and the D Day Normandy beaches in northern France.

Deputy Mayor

Cllr Mike Parson Deputy Mayor
The Deputy Mayor for 2017-18 is Cllr Mike Parsons.