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Complaints and compliments

We are absolutely committed to providing a high standard of service to everyone we deal with.

Make a complaint or leave a compliment

However, we recognise that sometimes things can go wrong for a number of reasons and customers may feel that they are not receiving the level of service that we want to deliver. Complaints are a valuable source of feedback and help us to identify areas where we need to improve so we want to make sure that our policy is fully accessible and it is easy for anyone to share a concern or make a complaint.

Make an insurance claim

Insurance claims are dealt with separately from complaints.

Make a complaint about Councillor conduct

If you would like to complain about Councillor conduct please use our Councillor conduct complaint form.

Make a complaint about a hackney carriage (taxi) or its driver, private hire driver, vehicle or operator licensed by us

If you have a complaint about a hackney carriage (taxi) or its driver, as a well as a private hire driver, vehicle or operator licensed by us, please complete our complain about a taxi driver or taxi company online form.