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Insurance for Guildford Borough Council leasehold flat owners

Guildford Borough Council has appointed Aspen Insurance UK Limited as the provider of buildings insurance cover with effect from 31 March 2014 for leasehold flats where the Council is the freeholder.

The policy number is N0A4N0V16A0T.

Please find below for information the following documents:

  1. icon Aspen Community Residential Policy [687.58KB]
  2. icon Policy Schedule - Aspen Buildings Insurance Policy [505.87KB]
  3. icon Policy Key Facts Summary - Aspen Buildings Insurance Policy [40.32KB]

If you need to make a claim on the policy please contact Aspen on their 24 hour claims helpline number 0800 368 2222.  Please quote the policy number, Guildford Borough Council and your address.