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Local Council Tax Support

If you are making a new Local Council Tax Support claim you can find out more information in this section.

You can also visit to find out whether you qualify for benefits by using the Benefits calculator. If you think you might qualify, you can complete your claim using the online claim form.

faq icon 18603 What is Local Council Tax Support and how has it changed?

Our new Local Council Tax Support scheme for people of working age was introduced on 1 April 2013. Read more >

faq icon 17027 Who can claim Local Council Tax Support?

Anyone who has to pay council tax can claim Local Council Tax Support. Read more >

faq icon 18604 How do I claim Local Council Tax Support?

You can claim Local Council Tax Support any time. Read more >

faq icon 17031 How do we work out your Local Council Tax Support?

To work out your Local Council Tax Support, we must compare the money you have coming in each week with the money you need to live on. Read more >

faq icon 17034 What if I disagree with the way you work out my Local Council Tax Support?

Ask us to look at your Local Council Tax Support if you think we are wrong. Read more >

faq icon 17032 How do we pay Local Council Tax Support?

If you pay council tax, we normally send you a council tax bill showing your Local Council Tax Support entitlement. Read more >

faq icon 17036 What is a discretionary payment?

If you are affected by the Local Council Tax Support Scheme and are struggling financially, you may be able to get some additional help. Read more >

faq icon 17026 Can I get any other financial help?

Housing benefit is paid to people on low income who pay rent. People can claim, whether they are in full time work or get social security benefits. Read more >