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Local land charges

Welcome to local land charges. Our trained and experienced staff maintain the local land charges register and complete property searches.

Fee and VAT changes

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has changed VAT requirements. As a result, we will be adding VAT to Local Authority searches from 31 March 2017. 

Our search fees will be changing to meet the requirements of the Local Land Charges fee guidance on 1 April 2017.  

For more details, please see What is the cost of a search?

What is a Local Land Charge?

A Local Land Charge is a restriction on a particular parcel of land, whether to secure the payment of a sum of money, or limiting the use to which the land may be put, and is binding on successive owners or occupiers of that parcel of land. These restrictions would not normally be shown on your deeds and therefore your solicitor would perform a Local Authority Search as part of your conveyancing when you buy or re-mortgage a property or land to highlight any of these charges.

The search usually consists of two parts. The LLC1 form is a search of the Local Land Charges Register only and shows charges such as conditional planning consents and agreements, tree preservation orders, enforcement notices and financial charges. The CON29 form consists of a series of standard questions giving information on highways, planning history and notices which affect the property.

Depending on which questions have been asked, the Local Land Charges search will among other things identify:

  • The planning history of the site and any developments which directly affect it.
  • The planning policies which affect the site.

We are pleased to announce that our Land Charges team were nominated in the Customer Satisfaction Award for Local Authority Searches at the 2016 Local Land Charges Awards. The customer comments included: "Quick turnaround, responsive to requests where there is genuine urgency, still feels like you're dealing with people!"

faq icon + 17006 Interactive map - Land Charges Register

Search the Land Charges Register. Read more >

faq icon + 17007 What is the cost of a search?

See our table showing search fees. Read more >

faq icon + 17008 Can I do an online search?

We are currently implementing a public access system which will enable you to submit a search request and pay via the Council website. In the meantime, you may email your request to landcharges@guildford.gov.uk and then call us to make a payment by debit/credit card. Read more >

faq icon + 17009 How long does a search take?

It takes us approximately three working days to process an official search.

faq icon + 17010 Do you have an expedition service?

If you have a search which needs to be processed urgently, contact us on 01483 444080 and we will do all we can to produce your result quickly. There is no additional fee for this service.

faq icon + 17011 What is the difference between an official search and a personal search?

The official search is certified by the council; the Local Land Charges Act 1975 makes provision for compensation if anything goes wrong. The accompanying CON29 questionnaire can only be completed by trained council staff who have access to the information required. The information includes approved schemes that have not yet been implemented such as highway schemes, parking restrictions, traffic calming measures, Building Control or Environmental Health notices which are outstanding. A personal search can be made by making an appointment and calling in person at the council offices. The search result is from the register of local land charges only and does not include CON29 information, but personal callers can inspect statutory registers such as the planning register and the highways register. The result is not certified.

faq icon + 17012 How do I view the register?

You have the following options. Read more >

faq icon + 17013 When we send in our search request do you require plans?

Yes please. Two copies of an up-to-date ordnance survey plan with the boundary of the property clearly marked.

faq icon + 17014 Do you answer drainage enquiries?

No, please contact Thames Water on 0118 923 6656 or via their website.

faq icon + 17015 Can you tell me who owns a property?

No, for information on land ownership, please visit the Land Registry website.

faq icon + 17016 How do I undertake a personal search under the Environmental Information Regulations?

A personal search in the whole or part of the local land charges register is free for inspection under the EIR at the Council. You will need to book an appointment for inspection by telephoning us on 01483 444080. Read more >