Apply or amend a garden waste collection

Apply, change or cancel a garden waste subscription

Due to supplier stock issues we are unable to supply new garden waste bins at the moment. As a result, we are NOT accepting new garden waste subscription applications at the moment. If you just want to renew your existing garden waste subscription you can do that using the 'apply for a garden waste subscription' button below. Although you will be asked to create a new subscription, our system will recognise that you already have a garden bin.

You must have an account and be logged in to apply, change or cancel a garden waste subscription. Create your account first, then come back to this page to complete your task using the buttons below.

Create an account

Apply or change your garden waste subscription

This form will guide you through applying for a new garden waste subscription, or changing your garden waste subscription. Do not use this form to renew your subscription if you pay by direct debit.

Read the information below before beginning the form:​

  • you must be logged in 
  • the 2020/21 subscription year runs from 29th March 2021-25th March 2022
  • you will need to pay £41 for each bin
  • any subscriptions made between January and March will start the following subscription year​

If you are currently receiving garden waste collections:​

  • you can renew your subscription between January and March
  • when renewing your subscription you can reduce the amount of bins you have
  • you can add more bins to your subscription whenever you want
  • some properties are not able to have bins, a maximum of four garden waste sacks are provided in this instance. The form will find out what is best for you.
  • view your subscription information in your online account
  • use this form if you want to use less bins, but still have a service. ​
  • if you are moving in the Guildford area, you can use this form to change your address.

Apply for a garden waste subscription

Cancel your garden waste subscription

This form will guide you through cancelling your garden waste subscription. 

  • no refunds are offered for the cancellation of the service​ at any point within the year.

Cancel your garden waste subscription